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1811 Capped Bust Left Half Eagle. BD-2. Rarity-3. Small 5. MS-61 (NGC).

Price $9,500.00

Rare Uncirculated 1811 Half Eagle
MS-61 (NGC)

BD-2, Small 5

1811 Capped Bust Left Half Eagle. BD-2. Rarity-3. Small 5. MS-61 (NGC).
An incredibly desirable example of this scarce Small 5 issue. Overall golden-tan in color with deeper honey patina scattered near the reverse borders. The surfaces are intensely lustrous and undisturbed by circulation, with just the faintest trace of friction on Liberty's cheek and immediately around the central elements. Considerably attractive at this grade level featuring overall smooth fields.

The two known die marriages of 1811 half eagle are of roughly equal scarcity in numismatic circles with a slight edge in availability going to BD-2. The varieties are easily distinguished by looking at the size of the digit 5 in the denomination; the obverse die is shared between the marriages. As the half eagle was a workhorse of early American commerce, most examples are found in grades of AU-55 and lower, often with surface problems. An impressively sharp and visually appealing piece, the coin offered here would fit comfortably into an Uncirculated type set or specialized early half eagle collection.
NGC Census (BD-2 Variety Only): 5; 10 finer.